Cooling Tower Start-Up Recommendations

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As many areas of the country begin to thaw out, it will soon be time to start-up cooling towers. This is a critical time to prepare for a good cooling season. Over the winter, surfaces are exposed to the elements of air and water that can cause: *Scale and deposits of organic and inorganic materials,…

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Why Training is Hot at Fluid Handling

Training is a major priority at Fluid Handling

Do you need to increase your knowledge of steam or hydronic technology? Fluid Handling can help you with all your training needs. We’ve been helping consulting engineers, contractors, industrial plant managers and heating wholesalers expand their knowledge of steam and hydronic components, technologies and systems for over 30 years. A familiar face to anyone who…

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Unilux Boilers

Unilux Hot Water Boiler

THIS MONTH’S FEATURED PRODUCT – Unilux Boilers Unilux Boilers is home to the world’s original 5-pass forced draft bent tube design. With over thirty years of manufacturing and operational experience, Unilux has products for just about every application in the boiler industry. The Unilux steel bent water tube boiler design was patented in 1981. The…

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Condensing Boilers

Condensing Gas Boiler

When an old cast iron boiler fails, the decision arises as to whether a condensing boiler would be worth the added investment. Most older systems designed to operate with cast iron boilers were designed with water temperatures of 160 degrees F to 200 degrees F. Perhaps a quick and dirty review of condensing boiler theory…

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Super Freakonomics and Global Warming Solutions

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I picked up a copy of the 2011 book, Super Freakonomics by Levitt and Dubner yesterday. I had very much enjoyed their Freakonomics book some years ago. I found the chapter on Global Warming extremely interesting. While not an anti-global warming piece, it did offer what I would call a very balanced look at the…

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Pump Myth #2: My Motor Must Be Bad – It Feels Really Hot

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While feeling a person’s forehead to test their temperature might be a good indication of that person’s health, the “feel test” is not a good indication for the health of a pump motor, or any motor. While motor manufacturers design their motor windings to certain operating temperature limits (to ensure long winding insulation life), there…

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