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Iron Oxide

Iron Oxied Rusty Water Pipes

This video demonstrates just how important it is to keep the system as clean as possible. Technical content and video created by: Fluid Handling, Inc. & Bill Armstrong, PE

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12,000 Gallons Saved, Comfort Achieved

Technician Repairing An Hot Water Heater

For most homeowners hot water needs is a fleeting thought in an overwhelming series of multiple thoughts throughout our day.  We think about it briefly when we wait for the shower to get warm, do some dishes, wash our hands, or even do a load of laundry.  Perhaps we even ponder it when we pay our…

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Training, a Never Ending Concept

Maintenance Technician Checking Pressure Meters For House Heating System

Most of us involved in the hydronic industry either consider ourselves knowledgeable, or are fortunate enough to know someone who is.  There isn’t a better or more valuable resource than a person who can get you the right information quickly and explain it clearly.  Often times the internet and similar media are used to gain such…

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