Flash Steam and PRV Superheat

Hosted by Bill Armstrong, P.E.

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Date: June 10, 2020
Time: 10am-12pm

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What information will be covered?

 Flash steam occurs anytime condensate is discharged to a return system or return vessel operating at a lower saturation pressure than the temperature of the discharged condensate.  Flash steam is normally vented to the atmosphere (or worse yet to the equipment room), resulting in energy loss and increased use of carbon-based fuels.

The purpose of this portion of the seminar is to discuss ways of avoiding flash steam and/or harnessing its energy.  Strategies for use in the project design phase are presented, along with ways to address flash steam in retrofit applications.  In this course, we cover:

  • The thermodynamic principles behind flash steam-why it occurs-how much occurs
  • Now you see it, now you don’t-why is that?
  • Heat exchanger selections to avoid flash steam
  • Use of pressurized receivers and pressure motive condensate pumps to eliminate flash steam
  • Use of condensate subcoolers to eliminate flash steam and recover energy
  • Flash tank application and design/selection parameters
  • Use of vent condensers to harness flash steam’s energy
  • Heat sinks for recovered energy, including process pre-heat, hydronic loops, washdown storage tanks, domestic water storage tanks, make up air, etc.

Many designers may not know that passing saturated steam thru a pressure reducing station creates superheated steam that may cause heat transfer problems and damage gaskets or seals in downstream components.  In this portion of the course, we cover:

  • The thermodynamic principles behind PRV superheat, how much occurs, when is it an issue
  • Proper selection and specification of downstream components
  • Eliminating it (de-superheating valves, steam conditioning valves)

The course is supported by two videos shot in our lab, plus several costly case studies personally encountered by the instructor.

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