Micro Combined Heat and Power (CHP)

Hosted by Eric Morrow & Bill Armstrong

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Class is Full for August 21st & 22nd.

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CHP is really coming!
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We at Fluid Handling are excited to open our new classroom with this Micro CHP course.

Micro CHP: It IS the coming thing, and has been popular in Europe for some time. Micro CHP units generate electricity utilizing long design-life natural gas (or propane)-fired engines and simple, reliable induction generators. Heat recovered from the engine AND the generator produces hot water, which is used wherever hot water demands are high. As our electrical rates have crept up and as our mind-set has “greened,” there are many applications in our area where Micro CHP now makes sense. CHP is now available in the form of 24 KW packaged units from Lochinvar, using proven technology from experienced overseas partners.

Overview of the class: Our PDH course will feature a general discussion of CHP, engine technology, generator and control technology, identifying potentially “good” projects, energy used (and saved!), installation requirements, economics, potential available rebates, and much more. At the completion of the general discussion, we will present Lochinvar’s new packaged systems, followed by lunch.