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Micro Bubble Separator

Iron Oxide

Flash Steam

Dirt Separator

Condensing Steam


Bucket Trap

Drawing Attention in Tomahawk

One of our large boiler projects being transported to its final location. Drew quite the crowd!

Pump Flow Balancing

Point of Zero Pressure Change

Henry's Law & Boyle's Law

Tekmar System Optional Items

This video covers the features and how to set up a 033 Timer for setback schedules and the 479 user switch.

Taco 4900 Series Air Separator

This video shows a working demo shows how quickly the 4900 removes air from a system. Reduced air results in faster system start-ups, vastly improved heat transfer and longer equipment life.

Tekmar 527/528/530 Thermostat Setup

This video covers the applications and programming for the 530/528/527 thermostats.

Tekmar House Controls: Features, Setup and Programming

This video covers the features and goes thru the set up of a Tekmar House Control, Communicating Thermostats, Timer and user switch. It covers the programming steps for the house control and thermostat. A great video for anyone who is involved in starting these products.

Tekmar House Control Overview

This video covers the applications for the House Control and how it improves system efficiency.

Tekmar 552 Touchscreen Thermostat

This video covers features and setup of Tekmar’s first touch screen thermostat.