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Fluid Handling Inc. is a leading supplier of intelligent solutions for hydronic, steam, cooling and vibration isolation systems.

Meet The Industrial Team

Industrial Team

Vince Andrae, Patrick Goesch, Matt Whitaker, Brad Thompson, Andy Fleck

contractor team

Aaron King, Dave Carlson, Sue Hembel, Steve Kohn, David Platta, David Mikolainis, Cat Gilbertson

Meet The Commercial Team

Meet The Reception & Accounting Team

Morgan Weyer And Anna Steiner Reception And Accounting

Morgan Weyer, Anna Steiner

Fluid Handling Service Team Sept 2019

Crystal Pierce, Camden Whitaker, Gary Jansen, Rick Gerek, Jake Oertel, Mitch Stathus, Anthony Maglio

Meet The Service Team

Meet The Wholesale Team

Fluid Handling Wholesale Team

Tim Stingle, Todd Raymond, Whitney Walker, Jeff Ihn, Laura Peterson, Kathy Hillus

Fluid Handling Inc.

Headquartered in Menomonee Falls, WI, we’ve been helping our customers select and apply an extensive lineup of fluid handling, heat transfer, steam, cooling, and vibration eliminating equipment manufactured by leading U.S. and global manufacturers for over 39 years.

Fluid Handling Testing Equipment


  • We help our customers size components and optimize their system designs for cost-effective performance and maximum reliability.
  • We design and supply custom skid packages incorporating our products for pumps and hydronic accessories, heat exchangers, boilers, condensate recovery equipment and other applications.
  • We use our extensive steam and hot water expertise to troubleshoot and solve our customers’ systems.
  • We provide education to industry professionals via our highly regarded training facility, FH Institute (PDH credits are available)

Our Vision

Fluid Handling Inc was founded in 1980 by three professionals from different Industries.  Those diverse paths remain the cornerstone of what Fluid Handling specializes in today, Hydronics, Steam, and Plumbing Systems.  After nearly 40 years, our location has changed, our brand has evolved, and our personnel have increased to more than 30 professionals. 

Fluid Handling’s goal is to offer intelligent solutions with high-quality, reputable manufacturers, presented by professional staff providing exceptional customer service, and supported by qualified service technicians during, and following the commissioning of each system. 

Our commitment to provide Industry training in a professional manner provides attendees with information beneficial to their career, whether a new-comer or seasoned professional.


  • For nearly four decades, our reputation for hydronic and steam expertise and extra-mile customer support is unmatched.
  • Our staff includes some of the most knowledgeable steam and hydronic experts in Wisconsin.
  • Our professional engineers excel at system design and troubleshooting.
  • We educate our customers, both on the job and in the classroom, to help them keep their systems running efficiently and avoid costly mistakes.

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