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We offer in-person classroom seminars and online courses meeting PDH requirements of Wisconsin and many other states. After you take/pass the assigned quizzes, you will automatically receive your certificate of completion.

PDH Accredited Classes:

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Hot Water Heaters

Web Series Estimated hot water demand, heater options and selections, tank storage and piping. Webinar Training via Zoom

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STM-130 The Application of Condensate Units and Boiler Feed Units

Web Series This course covers sizing of receivers & pumps, avoiding pump cavitation, material options, accessory selection, application details, motor driven condensate pumps and pressure-powered pumps, as well as atmospherically-vented units vs. pressurized units. Webinar Training via Zoom

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Cooling Towers

Web Series Cooling tower applications, tower options and tower construction. Webinar Training via Zoom

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STM-100 Thermodynamic Properties of Steam & STM-110 Steam Piping Details

Web Series STM-100: This course will cover the thermodynamic properties of steam, which affect design and operation of steam heating systems & process steam systems. STM-110: This course highlights important details relating to improper piping of steam equipment, failure to properly consider steam’s thermodynamic properties, and how bi-phase steam system can often result in early…

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Domestic Booster Pumps

Web Series Estimated booster pump requirements demand, booster pump options and selections. Webinar Training via Zoom

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Domestic Hot Water Recirculation

By Taco Web Series Even though the world is getting somewhat back to normal, many people have decided this working from home thing…works. One consequence is people are starting to pay attention to how long they have to wait for hot water. That’s a golden opportunity to solve a problem your customers though was just…

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