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We offer in-person classroom seminars and online courses meeting PDH requirements of Wisconsin and many other states. After you take/pass the assigned quizzes, you will automatically receive your certificate of completion.

PDH Accredited Classes:

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Steam Boiler Basics

January 27, 2021

Web Series This class was completed 1/27/2021. If you are interested in learning more, or would like to see this class presented in the future, please contact us at solutions@fluidh.com. This course is designed to: Discuss the different types of steam boilersDiscuss the features/components of steam boilersDiscuss the water volume in boilersUnderstand feedwater In summary,…

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Water Boiler Basics

February 24, 2021

Web Series This course is designed to: Discuss the different types of water boilers Discuss the features/components of water boilers Discuss the water volume in boilers Understand how to size boilers for applications In summary, the overall objective is to provide sufficient knowledge about water boilers and how they operate. Students will understand different water…

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HYD-100 Pumps for HVAC

March 24, 2021

Web Series This course is designed to: Review the role of centrifugal pumps in hydronic systems Outline how centrifugal pumps move liquid Discuss the role and the construction of components of centrifugal pumps Discuss the different types of pumps used in hydronic applications Present some advantages and disadvantages of various pump types  In summary, the…

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HYD-180 Piping Arrangements

April 21, 2021

Web Series This course is designed to: Review the roles of piping systems Review valve styles and their purpose Discuss primary-secondary piping Hydronic accessories for piping systems In summary, there is no ONE BEST way to pipe a hydronic system.  Hopefully some of the principles outlined in this session will help you choose the best…

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HYD-120 Pump Selection for Hydronic Systems

May 19, 2021

Web Series The purpose of this course is to discuss the factors that go into making a proper pump selection.  After taking the course, the student should understand how to read a pump curve, how to properly evaluate computer-generated pump selections, how to avoid net positive suction head issues and how to correct curves that…

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STM-210 Deaerators for Boilers

June 23, 2021

Web Series This course is designed to understand what a deaerator is and the purpose of deaerating.  After taking this course, students will understand the ratings of deaerators and the application. Students will also learn about using a surge tank, when it is used, and the characteristics. Selection guidelines and applications will also be discussed….

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