Training, a Never Ending Concept

Most of us involved in the hydronic industry either consider ourselves knowledgeable, or are fortunate enough to know someone who is.  There isn’t a better or more valuable resource than a person who can get you the right information quickly and explain it clearly.  Often times the internet and similar media are used to gain such knowledge,  However, it’s just not the same as that personal touch.  Unfortunately the one-on-one teaching practice is becoming more and more rare and difficult to find.  Don’t worry, you just found it.

At Fluid Handling we strive to offer both the most current concepts available, as well as being a unique resource for older products such as traditional steam boiler systems.  Our trainers are skilled and ready to answer the most pressing questions you may have.  Sure, you may find part of an answer when you search it on your computer.  But do you get the most important information, the “why”, when you use that resource?  More importantly, getting any follow up and unique questions answered is only possible with that human touch.

Heating engineer repairman in boiler room

It is impossible for anyone to know all of the information available.  Through classes, videos, continuous training and dedication we strive to make this bulk of knowledge manageable.  Often times our classes become a collaboration of ideas between the students and the instructors.  Stories are irreplaceable when it comes to solidifying a concept or idea.  If you want to set your organization apart, while also managing to save time and money in the long run, contact us to set up a training session. Fluid Handling offers P.D.H. credits for the industry professionals.  We are happy to customize needs as far as time, size, topics covered and specific information you may want to discuss.  You can’t get all that from a Webinar.


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